Our location Is a key success factor providing substantial savings in logistics cost by allowing economical inbound transport of material to and from the plant.

Mines and plant are well connected by rail and road and in close proximity of each other as well as Paradeep port. which allows economical transport of raw material, export and import of raw material and finished goods. Distance between Iron ore mines at Roida, Barbil area and plant is approx. 190 km. Paradeep Port: Port is just 110 km away from plant. National Highway is just 15 kms from plant. Bypass connecting to National Highway is just adjacent to plant. Main broad gauge rail line runs next to the plant boundary, connecting to all main junctions in the state as well as to the port.

MISL have their own railway siding up to the raw material stock yard. . A railway siding with wagon tipplers and carrying capacity of 6.2 million tonnes per annum has already been commissioned. This will be augmented to about 10 million tonnes.

There is assured water supply from the Brahamani River to the plant.

Important logistics parameters:

  • Plant is situated between iron rich belts of Daitari (30 kms) and Keonjhar (130 kms) in Odisha.
  • Proximity to Paradeep Port (120 kms) allows easy import of cooking coal and export of finished goods.
  • Howrah - Chennai broad gauge railway line runs adjacent to the plant site and connects Bhubaneswar and Cuttack as well as Paradeep Port.
  • Bhubaneswar, airport and state capital is110 km away
  • Kolkata is 360 km by rail