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               Our Product at a Glance (MESCO STEEL I)

                                                      PIG IRON

                 ig iron is an intermediary product when iron ore is smelted with a fuel with high carbon, such as coke.
                 This is usually done with limestone to act as the flux. Anthracite as well as charcoal can be utilized as
           Pfuel as well.
           It has a fairly high carbon content combined with silica and dross constituents, making it very brittle. Pig iron
           should not be directly utilized as a material with the exception of some limited applications.
           Pig iron is produced in the blast furnace sector. The raw materials used include ore, sinter, coke, lime and
           various aggregates.
           To ensure that the production process maintains a high and stable level of quality, these materials have to be
           metered precisely and supplied to the blast furnace in batches.

                                     The Concept Of Waste               To Wealth

           A      t MISL, Sinter Plant having two number of    widely adopted by all the Iron makers in the world.
                  sinter machines each 36 M , with different
                                                               In case of our Plant, we have so far achieved our hot
                  bed  height,  450  mm  and  500  mm.  The
                  designed capacity 993 TPD, achieved          metal production and coke rate beyond the target in
                                                                     Blast Furnace. It is one of the great causes that
           1124 TPD and 1202 TPD from Band-I and                        we  are  producing  good  chemical  and
           Band- II respectively.                                        Physical  quality  of  Sinter,  having  More
           Sinter Plant playing a vital role in our plant                than  55%  TFe  with  1.9  %  basicity  and
           to make Hot metal through Blast furnace.                      Tumbler Index more than 70, as required
           Using the Sinter in Blast furnace reduce                      by  Blast  Furnace,  which  was  difficult  to
           coke  rate,  raw  flux  consumption  and                     produce before restarting the Furance in
           enhance productivity of the furnace…                       Nov'2017.
           It  is  a  process  of  agglomeration  at  high        There was a critical time for MESCO in the period
           temperature, by the incipient fusion of Iron fines,   of Oct'2015- Nov '2017 due to global recession in
           coke breeze Lime stone, Dolomite fines and other    steel market and other reasons too. But we think
           metallurgical waste under desired vacuum.           this  is  the  best  time  ever  for  MESCO  when  we
           Keeping the operation in  Mines in past ,when the   overcome the entire barrier which was affecting to
           mechanized  mining  was  started  ,  the  fines     reach our target.
           generation was approx 60%, which was not suitable   The  Team  Sinter  Plant  is  very  grateful  to  our
           for Blast furnace to charge directly, but it could not   management in extending all possible support and
           be thrown like a waste and that fines also contains a   providing required technical grade of raw materials,
           rich percentage of Iron i.e. 58-65% also  became a   equipment  spares  and  other  accessories.  I  am
           hindrance for  dumping.   After lot of research and   confident  to  reach  new  height  in  production  of
           development the metallurgists finally succeeded to   sinter   with desired quality and do thankful to my all
           utilize it to extract iron from the fines and sintering   colleagues to provide their endless effort; otherwise
           process came in existence by Russian and German     it was not possible to meet our target.
           metallurgists, just before 1  world war. Now it is
                                      The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire                      07
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