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                    We love for dogs and keep them as pets

                        at our big home – “Krishna Ashram”

           W         e are sure most of you can relate to Mrs. Rita   we have upgraded the operation theatres, which are well
                                                               equipped to deal with any kind of emergency. It baffles us
                     Singh as the business woman and CMD of
                                                               when we receive cases on almost daily basis of the dogs
                     our company-MESCO group but am not sure
           how many would know about her passion for animal    who are run over by vehicles because of driver's neglect
           welfare.  It  is  this  love  for  animals,  that  she  started   or are victims of cruelty to animals. As an organization,
           Krishna  Ashram  (KA); a non -Government , not  for   we  plan  to  start  awareness  and  sensitization
           profit and voluntary  organization  that started thirty   programmes for the people.  We plan to go to schools for
           years back with individual  efforts of our CMD. In the   sensitizing children as we view them as 'change agents'
           last 30 years,  KA  has  rescued  and                                       who  if  are  convinced  are
           cared  for  thousands  of  sick                                             sensitized, they in turn would
           and   injured   stray   animals                                             be  instrumental  in  bringing
           mainly dogs. To formalize the                                               change  in  the  mindset  of
           work   being   done   for   the                                             their family members.
           animals, the organization was                                               Over  the  years,  KA  has
           registered   under   Societies                                              developed  a  significant
           Act in October 2003. The look                                               volunteer  base;  more  than
           after of the animals, primarily                                             1 0 0   v o l u n t e e r s   a r e
           dogs is not limited to Krishna                                              a s s o c i a t e d   w i t h   t h e
           Ashram's   premises   but                                                   o r g a n i z a t i o n .   T h e s e
           wherever  she  has  office  or                                              volunteers  are  the  animal
           place to stay. For example the guest house in Jajpur has   lovers who keep referring the animals in need, and send
                                                               them to us for treatments. We have tied up with few
           more than 75 dogs who stay within the premises. Her
           residence  in  Bhubaneswar  has  nearly  14  dogs.  So,   luxury hotels like; The Oberois, Trident and Leela, who
           wherever possible, she has arranged for shelter to some   give  us  breads  for  our  dogs  and  the  famous  brand
           extent for the animals in need.                     Harvest Gold also provides breads to us on daily basis.
           The organization is registered with Government bodies   The owner of one of the biggest malls in Delhi 'Select City
           like AWBI, NDMC and SDMC for contributing towards   walk' sponsors on monthly basis treatment of some of
           Anti-Birth Control (ABC) programme and organizing Anti   the stray dogs. Likewise, lots of people are now getting
                                                               associated with us and supporting in our work.
           Rabies Vaccine (ARV) campaigns for stray dogs.
           Presently, Krishna Ashram houses more than 800 stray   In Delhi, NCR Krishna Ashram is known for the care we
           dogs and all the resident dogs are being provided with   provide  to  the  sick  dogs  and  the  personal  care  being
           quality life; good food and timely medical care. Around   extended to each dog. It is heartening to share with you
                                                               all that at KA, every staff is trained to take care of every
           200 dogs, who live in the vicinity of KA are being fed   resident dog with lot of love and care. Recently, CMD's
           twice in a day.    A dedicated team of 45 staff members   interview was aired in Red FM and an article on KA was
           have  been  employed  to  look  after  the  dogs,  which
           includes; 4 full time doctors, 2 paravets, 1 pathologist   published in Statesman Newspaper.
           and attendants/care takers.    In the last one to two years,   Compiled by – Team, Krishna Asharm
                                                               For more details visit:

        06               A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself
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