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                                          Know Your Plant

                                     Blast Furnace (MESCO STEEL -I)

           M          ESCO having two Blast Furnace named       continuously  named  preheating,  reduction,
                                                                softening and melting in sequence. The liquids (Hot
                      SANKYA(BF#1)  and  SATYA(BF#2)  of
                                                                Metal  and  Slag)  reach  bottom  (hearth)  of  the
                      capacity  350m   each  and  able  to
                      produce  679  ton  Hot  Metal  everyday   furnace with the transformation from solid to liquid
           and two Pig Casting Machine of capacity pouring      at around 5 hrs.
           110  ton  of  Hot  Metal  per  hour.  SANKYA         The liquids accumulated in the heart bottom, taped
           commissioned on 2007 and SATYA commissioned          out in regular intervals of 50 to 60minuts based on
           on 2005.After major capital repair again SATYA re    melting  rate  by  drilling  the  tap  hole  with  drilling
           commissioned on 2014.After relining again SANKYA     machine and using lancing pipe, Oxygen and poking
           re commissioned on 21.10.18.                         rods. The Hot Metal and slag (the fluxes combines
           Blast Furnace is a tower shaped structure, made of   with  the  impurities  in  the  charged  raw  materials
           steel and lined with heat resistance refractory bricks   form slag) separated outside the furnace .Hot Metal
           made of Al O  and Carbon. It is a tall counter current   collected in the refractory lined ladles of capacity
                     2  3
           reactor to process iron and sinter to produce liquid   60ton  which  hold  by  ladle  car  sent  to  PCM  for
           iron (Hot Metal) and by products Slag, BF Gas and    casting and slag which is floating on top of Hot Metal
           Flue dust.                                           due to lighter density sent to Slag Granulation Plant
                                              Raw  materials    where hot slag was hit by high pressure water and
                                              ( I r o n   O r e ,    transform the liquid slag to powder form. When the
                                              Sinter,  Coke     liquids in the furnace is drained down to tap hole
                                              and  Flux)  are   level, some of the blast blow out from the tap hole
                                              s c r e e n e d ,    causes tap hole spiting. This signal is the end of cast.
                                              c h e m i c a l l y    The tap hole is closed by mud gun clay mass by using
                                              a n a l y z e d ,    mud Gun machine. The Mud Gun pushes clay into
                                              weighed  and      tap hole stopping the flow of liquids. The cast house
                                              batched  are      all troughs then cleaned and made ready for next
                                              charged  into     casting.
                                              Blast  Furnace    Blast  Furnace  gas  which  is  generated  at  blast
                                              through  bells    furnace is sent to gas cleaning plant (GCP) for dust
                                              v i a   S k i p   cleaning. The cleaned dust free gas is used internal
           (Double Bell Skip charging system).These materials   for  stove  heating,  CPP  for  in  house  power
           forming  a  packed  bed  and  move  downwards  by    generation  and  to  sinter  plant  to  maintain
           gravity. The cold blast air taken from blower passes   temperature during process.
           through stoves and takes heat turns to hot blast.    Presently  we
           This  Hot  Blast  Air  (Hot  Blast)  of  quantity  around   are  producing
           48000 to 50000Nm /Hr blown from bottom with          H o t   M e t a l
           950 to 1000 C temperature at 1.2 Kg/Cm2 pressure     a v e r a g e
           through tuyers for combustion of coke, which result   750Ton/day
           in  generation  of  hot  reducing  gas  (CO)  which  is   basic  grade
           forced  to  flow  up  wards  by  pressure  gradient   p r o d u c t i o n
           through the void space between solid lumps in the    from one Blast
           packed and permeable bed to exit at top of furnace.   Furnace  with
           The  counter  current  flow  of  solid  and  gaseous   a v e r a g e
           streams  and  extensive  gas-solid  contact  for     6 3 5 K g / t h m
           chemical reaction. Raw material after charging in to   g r o s s   c o ke
           furnace,  passes  through  the  following  zones     rate.

        04                       Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection
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