Page 3 - MESCO Newsline 10th Edition 2018
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MESCO Newsline

            Message From Director (Finance)

                      t  gives  me  immense  pleasure  to  inform  all  our  valued
                      investors, stakeholders and employees across the locations
                   Iand  service  providers  that  the  Company  has  delivered
                   impressive  performance  under  very  stressful  conditions  in  the
                   market both domestic and international. We have been able to

                   increase Net Sales remarkably. This has come only through the
                   hard work of our Employees, faith on us by the investors and
                   shareholders and strong Management by our dedicated team.
                   With this trust, dedication and hard work the Company is placed in
                   an advantageous position to deliver excellent financial performance and build for the future

                   growth. It is also indeed a matter of great satisfaction that MESCO NEWSLINE by now has
                   proved  its  worth  as  an  educative,  informative  as  well  as  composite  resource  in  house
                   magazine which is widely read and appreciated by all.

                   There are no secrets to Success. It is the result of a vision for tomorrow, preparation and hard
                   work . Keeping in mind of this fact I feel “ the best is yet to come” which can be achieved only
                   if the whole team shares the vision and works together for a better tomorrow.

                   The only path to success is “NEVER GIVE UP EVER”.

                                                                                       Natasha Singh Sinha

                   I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us.  01
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