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              Our Product at a Glance (MESCO STEEL II)

                                                   MESCON TMT

           Size with Sectional Weight Tolerances as per IS 1786
                     S     Nominal Size    Mass per Meter   Tolerance on Nominal  Tol in Individual Mass of the
                    No.       (mm)            (Kg/Mtr)             Mass                   Sample
                     1          8              0.395               +/ 7%                  +/ 8%
                     2         10              0.617               +/-7%                  +/-8%
                     3         12              0.888               +/-5%                  +/-6%
                     4         16              1.580               +/-5%                  +/-6%
                     5         20              2.470               +/-3%                  +/-4%
                     6         25              3.850               +/ 3%                  +/ 4%
                     7         28              4.830               +/ 3%                  +/ 4%
                     8         32              6.313               +/ 3% -                +/ 4% -
           Length: Uniform 12 Mtrs.  Can also be supplied in any length on mutual agreement.
                                        Advantages of MESCON TMT Fe 500
           Superior Corrosion Resistant.                        uniformity  of  the  rib  pattern  ensures  uniform  strong
           MESCON  TMT  Bars  show  negligible  rusting  in     bonding with concrete for the entire structure.
           comparison  to  Cold  Twisted  Bars,  even  after  a  long   Fire Resistance Property
           period of time due to its special manufacturing process   MESCON TMT bars when exposed to a temperature of
           and absence of Cold Stress.                          400⁰C for one hour, lose only 5% of its tensile strength,
           Earthquake Resistant/Seismic Property                which is regained as the temperature comes down.
           With  superior  seismic  properties,  MESCON  TMT  bars   Higher Fatigue Strength
           ensure better protection and minimum damage to the   The  fatigue  strength  of  these  bars  meets  the
           structure in the event of earthquake.                requirements of International Standards.
           Excellent Bendability & Workability                  Resistance to Ageing
           The tough outer layer of Martensite and the ductile core   The mechanical properties of MESCON TMT bars such as
           of the MESCON TMT bars result in excellent bendability.   strength and elongation do not show significant change
           This Ferrite Pearlite structure allows these bars to be   as a function of time.
           bent with ease.                                      Weldability
           Superior Rib Pattern                                 MESCON TMT bars with low carbon content can be
           MESCON TMT bars have unique rib patterns resulting in   used for butt and other weld joints without reduction
           formation  of  a  strong  bond  with  concrete.  The   in strength at the weld joints.

           C     ontinuous Casting is the process by which molten   shape  and  quality.  The  process  has  been  optimized
                                                                through  careful  integration  of  electro-mechanical
                 metal is transformed to a solidified state of semi
                 finished Billet, Bloom, or Slab. Molten Metal from
                 the Electric Arc Furnace / Induction Furnace is   sensors, computer-control, and production planning to
                                                                provide a highly automated system.
           tapped into a ladle, and then from bottom of the
           ladle  molten  metal  is  poured  into  the  Tundish  of   TYPE OF MACHINE  MULTI RADIAL BOW TYPE
           Continuous Casting Machine.                                             CASTING MACHINE
           Continuous Casting has evolved from a batch process   RADIUS OF MACHINE  R1: 6 METER, R2: 11 METER
           into  a  sophisticated  continuous  process.  This                      WIDTH: 100 MM TO 200MM,
           transformation has occurred through understanding   CASTING RANGE       HIGHT: 100MM TO 250MM,
           principles of mechanical design, heat-transfer, steel
                                                                                   LENGT H: 3  6 METER
           metallurgical  properties  and  stress-strain                           MILD STEEL,  ALLOY
           relationships, to produce a product with excellent   CASTING MATERIAL
                                                            CASTING SPEED          1 TO 4 MTR/MIN.
        08                            The best steel doesn't always shine the brightest
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